About Me

About Me:

My name is Sarah and I am the author of Mommy and 4 Peas in a Pod. I have
started this blog to post about our family since we do not live near our
 relatives as well as writing product reviews. I hope to be able to offer 
giveaways also of the items I review as my readership grows. 

I live in central Illinois with my husband, TJ, and our four amazing children. 
Our oldest is Landon, 5, then comes Keeley, 2, and last but certainly not 
least, are our twins Charlie and Zoe, 6 months. I stay at home with the kids, 
which is a full-time job in itself. I love that we will have a larger family with 
all of our children close in age, but having a family of 6 is not cheap! So, we 
have ventured into cloth diapering, couponing, and other methods to help 
save money. 

I can be contacted at: